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Experienced Help With Interstate Child Support And Custody Orders

In today’s mobile society, when families relocate from one state to another, or when parties are living in separate states, the issue of which state has jurisdiction to make an initial custody decision, or enforce or modify a prior order, becomes a significant issue. Brown Borkowski & Morrow has experience handling these sometimes unusual and often complex cases.

Enforcing An Out-of-State Custody Order In Michigan

If you have moved to Michigan with your child and have a custody order from another state, you can register the order in Michigan and Michigan will enforce it once the child has been here for six months or more. You can also ask Michigan family law courts to modify the custody order if appropriate.

Preparing For Relocation

If you or the other parent of your children knows that one of you will move out of state soon, our law firm can help you register existing Michigan child custody and child support orders in the state to which you are moving. Other legal issues must be addressed if you have a current custody or parenting-time order in place. Whenever minor children are involved, moving to another state may have ramifications that need to be discussed with a family law attorney.

Emergency Jurisdiction In Interstate Child Custody Matters

In some instances, especially when domestic violence or child abuse is involved, a parent may need to request a court to exercise emergency jurisdiction over a child custody matter. If the child is present in this state and you need an immediate decision on a custody issue to protect you or your child, we can help you file the appropriate paperwork to secure the proper orders to protect you and your child. Similarly, if you are the left-behind parent, time is of the essence in filing the appropriate paperwork for the return of your children and involving law enforcement in another state if necessary. Knowing when, where, and what to file is imperative in these situations. You should contact a family law attorney as soon as possible.

Time Matters

Timing and knowledge of the intricacies of interstate support and custody orders are essential if you want a satisfactory outcome in a timely manner. A bench warrant from Michigan may be necessary to get your child returned to you in Michigan. It is important to hire an attorney who has knowledge of the laws governing interstate child custody and support. Our family lawyers have experience handling UCCJEA (Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act) actions where jurisdiction is at issue.

Interstate Support

We can assist you with enforcement and collection of out-of-state child support orders, whether you are the recipient or payor of support. We can also help you with petitions to modify an out-of-state order, if appropriate.

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