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Navigating Michigan Divorce And Legal Separation

Divorce is often ranked as one of the most stressful life events. Trying to navigate the legal process during an already stressful time can cause even more frustration. The level of emotional upheaval that will be attached to the legal process of divorce may depend on how far along a couple is in disentangling themselves from each other and how peacefully (or not) each one is accepting the separation and division of assets that go along with the divorce.

Our divorce lawyer Sara Gorman Rajan at Brown Borkowski & Morrow is here to guide you through the legal and financial decisions that you need to make. Our job is to listen to you, answer your questions and explain your legal options. We will work hard to protect your parental rights, property interests and keep you safe from domestic violence if a personal protection order is required. We are committed to pursuing a positive outcome for you and your children in an otherwise difficult situation.

We Are Prepared To Advocate For Our Clients

At Brown Borkowski & Morrow, we guide clients through the divorce process as smoothly and cost effectively as possible. We handle all divorce-related legal concerns, including:

  • Child custody and visitation (parenting time)
  • Child support
  • Interstate support and custody issues
  • International family law matters
  • Additional support for college tuition
  • Decisions regarding health expenses and insurance
  • Spousal support/alimony
  • Division of property
  • Paternity issues
  • Relocation of parents or children
  • Parental kidnapping
  • Other family law matters

Property Division Under Michigan’s Divorce Laws

Aside from child custody and visitation rights, most anxieties in divorce involve each party’s right to property interests. In Michigan, marital property is divided equitably, in a manner the court deems to be fair, which may not necessarily be an equal division. There are several factors, including marital fault, which the court uses in determining what is fair. However, separate property — property not in the marital estate (such as inheritances or property acquired before the marriage and kept separate during the marriage) is not divided.

Legal Separation

Every couple’s relationship is unique. Legal separation may be the desirable legal solution to a couple’s wishes to live under an agreement of separate maintenance. Legal separation may be sought after for religious reasons, for tax reasons or for health insurance reasons.

Contact A Family Law Attorney

Whether for divorce or for legal separation, our attorneys are prepared to help clients resolve property division issues and other family law issues in mediation or through trial. Call 888-757-1681 or contact us online for a free initial consultation with an experienced divorce lawyer.