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Knowledgeable Support Establishing Guardianships & Conservatorships

Brown Borkowski & Morrow in Farmington Hills offers comprehensive estate planning and probate services, including counsel and representation in guardianship and conservatorship proceedings.

Guardianships and conservatorships are named through the probate court. If you need to have a family member or other person determined legally incompetent, talk to a Michigan probate lawyer to discuss your options.

Perhaps your mother, father, wife, husband, uncle, aunt, brother or sister needs someone else to assume legal and practical responsibility for decisions and actions such as the following:

  • Management of financial affairs (writing checks, paying bills, buying and selling property)
  • Decisions in medical treatment (Perhaps the person is in a coma or otherwise unable to speak for himself or herself.)
  • Moving to a nursing home

Perhaps your family has already determined who would be best in the role of guardian or conservator. Or perhaps you are one of a group of siblings who would like guidance in deciding who should take on this all-important role.

Our Michigan guardianship and conservatorship lawyers are prepared to clarify responsibilities and privileges of a guardian or conservator to help your family decide who is best suited for the position.

We can assist with documentation, filings, hearings and annual accounting. We can help prevent court battles between family members — or represent our client if a battle ensues over control of the incompetent person’s finances and personal affairs.

Brown Borkowski & Morrow is well-established and trusted in the legal community as well as among our current and past clientele. We welcome the opportunity to help you and your family with guardianship or conservatorship matters in Michigan.

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Whether for guardianship or conservatorship, our estate planning attorneys are prepared to help individuals with the emotional, practical, financial and legal aspects. Contact us at our offices in Farmington Hills for a free initial consultation with an experienced probate lawyer. Call 888-757-1681 or send us an email.