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Legal Counsel And Guidance On Child Support In Michigan

Children have an inherent right to the financial support of their parents. Child support is the right of a child and not the parent to whom support may be paid. Whether you are the recipient or payor of support, you may need legal assistance.

The Michigan Child Support Formula is used to determine the amount to be paid, unless the court determines that a deviation is appropriate. The parties may agree to deviate from the formula, but the court must still make a finding that application of the guidelines will be unjust and inappropriate. Child support remains modifiable until the minor child turns 18 or 19.5 years of age if attending school full time and still living with the custodial parent.

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Child Support: Things To Consider

If you are separated or preparing for divorce, keep the following child support-specific information in mind:

  • The child support formula has provisions to factor in day care expenses.
  • While a divorce is in progress and parents are separated, an interim child support order may be necessary.
  • An interim child support order may set a precedent that can affect the support provisions of a final divorce decree.
  • Specific details such as which parent will remain in the marital home may have an impact on child support orders. Decisions as to who will live where are usually economic, practical decisions affected by work, tax liability and location of extended family members.
  • Support orders may need to be modified, based upon the needs of the children and the circumstances of the parents.
  • There are ramifications for nonpayment of support. You may have your professional, hunting, or driver’s license suspended or revoked, liens placed against your property, tax refunds intercepted or other unpleasant consequences (such as serving a jail sentence).

With so many things to take into consideration, most parents find it advisable or necessary to have legal representation to protect themselves as well as their children. Our family law firm has built a reputation over the years for effective, respectful legal representation. Our attorneys can help you determine what the appropriate levels of child support are in your case and review any special circumstances that need to be communicated to the court.

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