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Navigating The Legal Issues Surrounding A Divorce

Legal issues surrounding the family can be challenging. Emotions range from fear and anxiety to hurt and frustration. At Brown Borkowski & Morrow, our attorneys are here to guide you through the legal process, taking care to avoid placing any more stress or burdens on your family during this difficult time.

Whether you are going through a divorce, post-divorce judgment disputes, child custody and parenting time matters or require assistance with drafting a prenuptial agreement, we have the experience and understanding to help you through straightforward or complex legal matters.

Call Sara Gorman Rajan at Brown Borkowski & Morrow at 888-757-1681 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. We have been earning our clients’ trust by focusing on their needs and customer experience — not solely the legal outcome.

Our family law firm represents clients in the Detroit area who need effective legal assistance to deal with problems involving:


We tailor our divorce practice to our clients’ unique needs. We handle all divorce-related issues in court and out, ranging from spousal support and asset division to issues involving the children. We also have extensive experience in matters of high asset divorce.

Child Custody And Support

We are sensitive to the vulnerability of children enduring a divorce or separation. We offer amicable resolutions to child custody issues, parenting-time disputes and child support issues. We also handle paternity actions and other child-related matters.

  • Pre- or post-judgment child support and custody matters: leading up to a divorce, or in preparation for a post-judgment modification
  • Enforcement of custody and support orders
  • Relocation of parents, change of domicile, move-away issues

Interstate Support And Custody Issues

We can assist with actions to register, enforce or modify judgments from other states or countries under the Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) and the Uniform Interstate Family Support Act (UIFSA). We also assist parents who wish to relocate to another state or even just another county. Because there are certain legal ramifications for relocation if minor children are involved, it is wise to speak with a family law attorney about the proper steps to take to achieve your goals.

  • We assist clients with issues of parental kidnapping, obtaining temporary emergency jurisdiction in Michigan when necessary. We litigate issues of jurisdiction in situations where two states may have concurrent jurisdiction over a child custody proceeding.
  • We advise clients on whether they are able to obtain an initial custody or support order when the parent and child are not in the same state, as well as whether modification of a foreign judgment is possible. We also assist clients in registering and enforcing Michigan judgments in other states.

Other Family Law Matters

We understand the many legal issues that a family can face. We offer compassionate and experienced legal counsel regardless of the situation. Other family law matters may include adoption, domestic violence and personal protection orders, grandparents’ visitation rights, pre- and postnuptial agreements and issues affecting same-sex couples.

Compassionate Legal Advice At Every Step In The Process

The Michigan divorce attorneys at Brown Borkowski & Morrow believe in providing compassionate and cost-effective legal representation. We counsel clients through the entire process — from the initial client interview to the initial filing and service of divorce papers, from motions for temporary child or spousal support to negotiation of all aspects of the divorce. We represent family law clients at the trial and appellate levels and handle post-judgment modification proceedings.

Mediation Is Often A Viable Option

Our family law lawyers believe in offering clients honest and practical advice. Some clients know their marriages are over and want to resolve related issues as peacefully as possible. In these instances, we will use negotiation or mediation resources to meet our clients’ goals.

Schedule A Free Consultation With Our Family Law Attorneys

For a free initial consultation to resolve your family law issues in an atmosphere that is cordial, open, candid and specifically tailored to your particular needs, contact us online or call 888-757-1681. With offices in Farmington Hills, our family law attorneys represent clients throughout the Detroit area and all of Michigan.