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Brown Borkowski & Morrow’s Cari Angell is Rosie the Riveter

Rosie the Riveter Guinness World Record Event.

By Cathy Peabody .

On October 24, 2015, 2,096 women and girls from 16 different states and Canada gathered at the WILLOW RUN BOMBER PLAN in Ypsilanti Michigan to raise awareness and funds for These women, including 43 original “Rosies” marched into the plant fully regaled in “Rosie the Riveter” garb. Brown Borkowski & Morrow‘s own Cari Angell joined these ladies.

Cari as Rosie the Riveter


Celebrated in song, posters, art and newsreels throughout World War II, “Rosie the Riveter” represented the many women who went to work in America’s factories to take the place of the men who were called to war. Her iconic image is recognized even today. These patriotic women of all ages, many of whom had never so much as wielded a hammer before, learned to rivet, weld, and fold parachutes. They built airplanes, tanks and more as they powered the “Arsenal of Democracy” — many of them at the Willow Run Bomber Plant!

It was doubted at first that women could do heavy industrial work, but with the war escalating, manufacturers and the government were desperate for workers. These pioneering “Rosies” proved that women could do a man’s job, and do it well. They paved the way for the workplace diversity we enjoy today. At Willow Run, women were paid 75 cents per hour, same as the men, and that was darned good pay back then! In typical “Greatest Generation” fashion, these women weren’t in it to prove anything, but to do their patriotic duty, and help win a war.

Cari is a legal assistant at Brown Borkowski & Morrow and has been working hard for us for 17 years. See below for more pictures of the event.

Cari at Rosie Convention


Rosie the Riveter Guinness World Record