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Avoid Future Regrets: Partner With A Seasoned Business Attorney


Starting a business can come with lots of surprises, but you have all your bases covered:

  • You have completed your market research
  • You have a detailed business plan
  • Your investors are lined up
  • You have chosen a prime location

What more do you need to think about?

Think About The Law And How It Can Affect Your Business Interests

Start-ups and established businesses are derailed every year by legal issues such as lawsuits, arbitration and liens. While you devote your blood, sweat, tears, money and time to getting your products and services to the market, you need an experienced business attorney helping you avoid the legal pitfalls that threaten it. You have worked too hard and invested too much to risk losing it all to legal problems.


Choose An Attorney Who Will Be Your Partner

It is crucial to have a lawyer you can trust to protect your professional interests as your business grows, just as it is important to have an accountant and insurance agent you can trust to protect your financial interests.

As you approach your launch date, your lawyer can make sure crucial issues are handled properly, including:

  • Choosing the most advantageous business structure
  • Getting zoning approval for your desired location
  • Acquiring required business licenses and permits
  • Draft, review and execution of non-disclosure agreements

Once your business is off and running, your lawyer can help with issues such as:

  • Annual reports
  • Corporate minutes
  • Annual meeting documentation
  • Employee policies
  • Personnel issues
  • Commercial litigation matters

Having these issues resolved by an attorney can free up your time and energy to focus on continuing to manage and grow your business. Your attorney will know what issues to watch out for and can proactively address potential legal threats, minimizing your exposure to the high costs associated with litigation.

Your Legal Needs Will Change As Your Business Changes

Make sure you choose an attorney who is equipped to handle the issues you will face at the different stages of your business’ lifecycle. This includes providing guidance and representation for issues such as:

  • Formation and financing
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Dissolutions
  • Business succession planning
  • Business disputes

Your Attorney Will Know What You Do Not Know

You do not know every piece of law that applies to your business operations and you should not have to; that is what attorneys are for. However, you now know why it is important to have an attorney looking out for you and your business, so ignorance is no excuse for taking the unnecessary risk of going it alone.

In Farmington Hills and the greater Detroit area, you can turn to the proven team at Brown Borkowski & Morrow for honest advice and thorough representation.