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How to invest in real estate

For individuals interested in investing in real estate, there are plenty of opportunities in Michigan. First, you’ll need to decide if you want to purchase residential or commercial property. After that, you build a support team. Finally, you make an offer once you’ve identified a suitable property.

Choose a property type

Residential investment property consists of one to four units; almost everything else is commercial, including large multifamily residences, office buildings, warehouses, retail stores, hotels, restaurants, medical offices, manufacturing plants and storage facilities. Pick something that fits your budget and interests.

Work with a specialist

Find a local real estate agent with experience in the type of property you’re interested in. This qualifying factor is essential in commercial real estate. For example, purchasing a duplex is not much more complicated than buying a single-family home, but an office building and a hotel have very different issues.

The same idea applies when choosing an attorney and a mortgage lender. Commercial real estate law differs from residential, and financing requirements depend on the property type. Select people with the appropriate experience to fit your needs.

Making an offer

Commercial sales and purchase contracts are often much more complicated than residential documents. Usually, more money is involved in a commercial transaction, so buyers and sellers are very cautious. Ensure that you read the offer before you sign.

If you intend to lease the property, your expected rental income will affect your offer price. Lenders do not loan money unless the anticipated rents comfortably cover expenses, including monthly mortgage amount, property tax and insurance.

Investing in your first real estate property is an exciting step toward creating wealth. Take your time, do it right and enjoy your new income stream.