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Wills, trusts, powers of attorney and more

Estate planning is not something anyone really wants to think about. After all, our own demise is not a topic of conversation anyone really wants to participate in. However, estate planning is not so much about you as it is the people who are left behind. It’s up to them to sort out your affairs and the easier you can make it for them, the better.

At the Brown Borkowski & Morrow, our lawyers are knowledgeable about the laws, both federal and state, that govern estate planning. Because of this, we can provide the representation you need to create a will, trust, power of attorney or more.

Have you considered how taxes will affect your heirs? According to the Michigan Department of Treasury, the estate tax for the state is the same as the federal state death tax credit. Since tax law is one of the most complicated areas of law, it’s wise to have one of our experienced attorneys work with financial experts to ensure your wealth is there for your heirs.

At the Brown Borkowski & Morrow, we want to help you create a trust that will help you protect your assets. We can help you avoid probate in some cases. We can also help you to take charge of your health care wishes with a health care directive and health care power of attorney. You can rest assured your wishes will be followed if you become incapacitated.

We also know how important it is that you keep your trust or will updated as needed. We can help you make the necessary changes needed if the laws should change or if your wishes or beneficiaries should change.

You can learn more about wills, trusts, powers of attorney and more by visiting our webpages on the topics.