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A Track Record Of Success In Class Action Defense

At Brown Borkowski & Morrow, we have been representing business and corporate clients in the Greater Detroit area. We have made a point of sharing how valuable our business law services can be at all phases of the business life cycle.

Many of our clients retain us for the life of their business. Unfortunately, the life cycle of a business can include the experience of being sued, placing everything the owners have built at risk of being lost in a settlement or verdict.

Class action defense is no easy task, as the deck is often stacked in favor of the plaintiffs, or class, who are seeking financial compensation for damages they claim resulted from the defendant’s actions.

Overcoming The Odds On Behalf Of Our Clients

We recently defended a Michigan yard waste and recycling facility against a class action suit brought by property owners within a half-mile radius of the business who accused the company and its owners of being an odor nuisance.

The plaintiffs were seeking tens of millions of dollars in damages, an outcome that would have jeopardized our clients’ financial stability, if not worse. To level the playing field and protect the financial well-being of our client, we were determined to achieve the rare feat of having the class decertified.

Remarkably, we were able to persevere, and our ability to get the Judge to decertify the class resulted in the case being settled shortly thereafter for a nominal amount to the few remaining Plaintiffs.

You don’t have to take our word for it. Listen to what our client has to say about our representation in the case:

It is very important if you are being sued in a class action to have very qualified attorneys representing you because if you do not hire someone like Brown Borkowski & Morrow to represent your case, it can be very harmful if a deadline is missed among other things.

Through the course of our case, Brown Borkowski & Morrow lived and breathed our case with us. It was almost as if they were a part of our company […] I think it is important for a defendant to do their part in helping a case to prevail. The more knowledge an attorney has regarding a business is going to be very helpful in defense of that business. Every business is different unless part of a chain, so making sure an attorney understands your business is very essential to a case. Especially when dealing in a class action lawsuit.

I am grateful I selected Brown Borkowski & Morrow to represent our business against class action lawyers. I am quite certain that if someone else had represented us, the outcome of the case would not have been the same.

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