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A letter of thanks from a client

We would like to thank Robbie for sharing her kind words (below) with Mary Mahoney. We are touched when our clients see how much we care about them and their case.

“Ms. Mary Mahoney,

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to you and your team for accepting and winning my case. I know the many hours of research and case law that you must have gone through.

Having gone through another attorney who did little to earn the money I paid them and nothing to earn my respect. I tried to fight the State myself and of course, that was a battle lost before it began.

So, when I came to you and your firm I really was without much hope and, to be honest, without much money. But, I sat down and showed you my documents, my court papers and my story and I tried to put it into some kind of presentable order. You took the time to listen and look at everything. You asked questions and then you told me you would accept my case. You told me it would be difficult and you made no outrageous claims. Just that you would do your best. What more can anyone ask of another?

Mary, you took my case for nothing more than the fee I paid you but your dedication and compassion for those of us who need someone who can fight for them in a court of law goes beyond anything that my humble words could possibly describe.

Please accept my deepest thanks, appreciation and gratitude.”


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